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GenTBL is a tool to generate ambiguous restraints to be used in HADDOCK.

Distance restraints are implemented in HADDOCK to force groups of atoms to be at a specific distance from each other, these are defined using Crystallography and NMR system (CNS) syntax - commonly saved as ambig.tbl.

More information about the definition of restraints can be found in the following papers:

To generate a set of ambiguious distance restraints, fill in the information about your interactors in the form below.

  • Active residues (residue numbers) are those that must be involved in the interaction
  • Passive residues are those that can be involved in the interaction (not penalised if not making contacts).
  • Partner defines with which interactor these set of residues should be paired. Fill here the interactor(s) number(s); if more than one interactor is defined, separate the partners by a space or comma

Active and passive residues should be separated by commas.

Do not define as active or passive residues that are buried! (I.e. do filter for solvent accessibility).

Important: The updated GenTBL should be compatible with modern (and up-to-date) browsers. If you are using an older or outdated browser, please use the legacy version here.

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