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Fast Analysis of multidimensional NMR DAta Sets (FANDAS) is a tool to predict peaks for multidimensional NMR experiments on proteins.

FANDAS accepts a variety of inputs, with the protein sequence being the only minimum required input. The output generated by FANDAS can be opened using the NMR visualization software: SPARKY. Description of all the features that FANDAS offers is described in our publications mentioned below.

FANDAS is an open-source project, check its repository!

Please supply an identificator for your project run
a = alpha helix, b = beta sheet, c = random coil
Format: 1 1 TRP HD1 H 7.33 0.01 1
Provide residue number for first entry to match the sequence (starting residue number of your sequence)
Format example: 1, CA, 3, CB, 15

2D Experiments

3D Experiments

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